Friday, 6 February 2009

Barcelona, summer

I was trawling through photographs I took of the snow when I stumbled upon these forgotten customers from Barcelona, back in early September of last year. Ah Barcelona - the eventualities of that fateful trip. Between frayed tempers, lost wallets and missed flights, somewhere amongst the regurgitated contents of Maoz-laden stomachs, there was actually a rather good time. A time I shall never forget. Thankfully, chronological time itself is dissolving the bad bits and preserve the good - and the comedy of the bad - as is its wont. Therefore, I can now look back with something approaching nostalgia. I think Leo (the witty chap pictured spurting forth water like his Gaudian counterpart) has the bulk of photographs, or maybe Alex. These photographs were taken after Alex had left, and I can't remember why I didn't use my digital camera before this. A deep and meaningful reason, I am sure.

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