Saturday, 12 December 2009

new new new

- I've been doing illustrations for the Comment section of Varsity, Cambridge's student newspaper, since October. Sadly their term has now finished, but it was fun. I'm posting a few up here.

Two rabbits & hotdog : for article on chastity by Alban McCoy

This one : article about the importance/redundance of theory

Soldier : an article reflecting upon the effect of WWI

Red/wings : for a piece on morality

Telepathic twin : for a hallowe'en article about the relevance of quantum physics to the phenomena of identical twins sharing each others experiences telepathically.

Stack of books : for a spread about the future of the printed book in the internet age. Those were meant to be cars driving through the valley but they look like pencils!!

More to come.

Sunday, 22 February 2009


Girl on Calais-Dover ferry



Breakfast ..

Valentijn with orange and, in foreground, a platter of flavoured oils.

Friday, 6 February 2009

Barcelona, summer

I was trawling through photographs I took of the snow when I stumbled upon these forgotten customers from Barcelona, back in early September of last year. Ah Barcelona - the eventualities of that fateful trip. Between frayed tempers, lost wallets and missed flights, somewhere amongst the regurgitated contents of Maoz-laden stomachs, there was actually a rather good time. A time I shall never forget. Thankfully, chronological time itself is dissolving the bad bits and preserve the good - and the comedy of the bad - as is its wont. Therefore, I can now look back with something approaching nostalgia. I think Leo (the witty chap pictured spurting forth water like his Gaudian counterpart) has the bulk of photographs, or maybe Alex. These photographs were taken after Alex had left, and I can't remember why I didn't use my digital camera before this. A deep and meaningful reason, I am sure.

Wednesday, 4 February 2009

Detail from a woooonderful Caravaggio in the National Gallery. This was quite a while ago, I should draw much more. And, shit, here I was thinking that by scanning these in i'd make them look better and thus impress people - when actually you can click on them to access a horrifically magnified image, and thus see how poor the drawing actually is.


I had a lovely time in Cambridge last weekend pretending to be at King's College with my friend Anna who really is at King's College. This therefore means that she is very clever.

I did not take any photographs or draw any pictures, but I drew this man on the train home.

Man in NHS walk-in centre

A scan of a page in my notebook. I believe this man's name was Nigel Milwood, as announced by the nurse. I drew him whilst waiting to be seen by a doctor at the walk-in clinic in Whitechapel, to obtain antibiotics. My leg had become infected the previous day. This was on maybe the 23rd December? It took me a full 7 hours to find healthcare in London without being registered to a surgery. Never again.

Sunday, 1 February 2009

Drawing of hanger interior.

Saturday, 24 January 2009

Last year's ..

3.30am in the Sculpture Court at Edinburgh, 2008
I went to a great gig at Jamboree in Cable Street studios down Stepney way last night. But, I didn't take any photos.

A blog, at last!

My general aims are to promote a healthy, fresh-faced blog. A blog for all seasons.

Hi, for those of you who don't know anything about me: my name is Michael Lovett, I was

1) a student of University College Falmouth and
2) a student of Edinburgh College of Art
3 a
member of The Cornettos, a contemporary barbershop group

I am currently on a 'sabbatical' year from Edinburgh (I doubt I shall return. Best not to speak of it), and have ditched a life of dedicated study for a rock & roll cocktail of girls, guns and big game hunting down here in London. Sadly, little of that has come to pass as of yet. After two months spent delivering sandwiches to the Lawyers of EC2, I am currently working in a cinema and moving towards apply for a new course next year - really, folks.

I play in two bands -

Your Twenties - and
Taking Tiger Mountain -
(and to our left we see a photograph of TTM gracing the rather lovely Sassoon gallery in Peckham just before Crimbo 08.

Actually there's three if you count my own stuff -
.. that last one is a bit old and forgotten. I'm going to make a new 'project' soon. That's exciting for you, I think.

So, this blogspot is going to be somewhere where I can post all the new work i'm going to be doing (!!), as well as recording my adventures. Keep checking back.