Tuesday, 25 January 2011

Duo-Gravitational Urban Farmland / Fictitious City

This painting is called 'Duo-Gravitational Urban Farmland'. It was produced for an exhibition organised by a collective consisting of members from Camberwell and Kingston, Beddow N Battini, entitled 'Fictitious City'. The show ran over this weekend just gone in an excellent space under a railway arch off Southwark St, nr London Bridge. The exhibition was great, quite an organisational feat on the part of Hasna, Wumi, Adeeb and Rosie (I think those are the main organisers?). They even got ITV Fixers involved, who came down to film on Saturday. The 3min feature should be on the ITV regional (London) news on Thursday evening after 6.30pm. And on TV catchup after that for the real hardcore following to replay again and again. Or you could just rip the programme and keep it on your hard-drive until the earth's magnetic polarity switches and erases it.

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